The Nevada Paranormal Institute welcomes you. 

The  Nevada Paranormal Institute (N.P.I.) is a non-profit paranormal organization dedicated to the study, research, education, and documentation of paranormal phenomena. N.P.I. is dedicated to finding the truth no matter what that may be.  N.P.I. accomplishes its mission with a mixture of scientific evidence collection and the use of psychic abilities. N.P.I. is consisted of people who believe in the existence of the paranormal as well as skeptics.  Professionalism, calmness, composure and respect are crucial elements of the team.  N.P.I.ís goal is to study and document paranormal phenomena while assisting people who are in need of help.  N.P.I.respects the privacy of its clients and will only post or release information about any investigation with express permission from the client.