Nevada Paranormal Institute


Probably one of the most reportedly haunted areas I have ever been.  I was at Fort Riley in 2004.  All depictions here are either first hand experiences or interviews with people.  Being a military post, recording is not allowed with permission from the Pentagon. 


Fort Riley Church-  The church was on the MP building check and was checked once per shift when not occupied.  

        One of the doors was consistently discovered open on graveyard shift after being locked on second shift.  At times, items inside the church would be rearranged when the door was opened. 

        There was a playground on the grounds next to the church.  I heard stories from several different people that one of the swings would move on its own while the others were perfectly calm.  I thought the guys were imaging things or the wind was effecting it.  That is until I saw it myself.  It was completely incredible and unexplained. It seemed that there was someone swinging but yet no one was there.

        One night, while I was conducting the checks, I approached the front door.  Looking through the glass, I saw a dark figure standing in the middle of the isle.  Thinking it was a statue; I shined my light into the church.  As the light panned across the image, the object engulfed it.  My light just would not illuminate what ever was standing there.  I went back to my car and called for a witness.  Once he arrived, we approached the door and the figure was no longer standing there.


Fort Riley Cemetery- As with all cemeteries, there is no lack of stories in this cemetery. 

        There is a vault at the cemetery that has an alarm on it.  The alarm is activated a couple times a week on a regular basis.  When the responding units arrive, there is no sign of anyone present.  Even in the winter, no footprints can be found around the vault. 

        One morning two of us were in the cemetery.  We were just looking around at the tombstones.  The cemetery dates back to the early 1800s after all and there is a lot of history there.  We heard some voices up on top of the hill.  There was road construction in the area and I told my partner that the crew had arrived early today.  As we approached the area where the voices were coming from, the voices faded and there was no one in the area.  

        Across from the cemetery and a ways into the woods, stands the pet cemetery.  Resident Wicans and other alternative religions have used the cemetery for rituals.  Sounds of animals, chanting and other sounds have been heard coming from the cemetery.  When you go to the cemetary, there is no one there.



          The Crematorium is set way back in the woods on the opposite side from the cemetery.  As you travel down the road to the crematorium, there is a small park. And yes again there is a swing set.  This swing set can also be seen with one swing swinging and the others completely still.  Screams can be heard as you approach the crematorium.


Parade Field

The SWAT team was training in an unoccupied house across from the Parade Field.  As the team took a break outside, a lady dressed in period clothes was seen walking across the Parade Field.  She never made it across the field and just disappeared. 


The Club

It was under construction and part of our nightly checks.  In the back is an old bar.  One evening while walking around the corner, I observed a man behind the bar.  The doors were all locked and no one was supposed to be inside.  As I got closer and shined my light inside, the figure disappeared. 

The Custer House

The Custer House is not the original house that General Custer resided in.  That house was located 100 yards down the road and is now an intersection.  Horses are often heard riding up to that location and occasionally, horse and ride can be seen.  It is believed that the image is General Custer on his ride back to the house when his wife died. 

Inside the Custer House, one can see how the homes of that period may have been decorated.  In the bedroom there is a Teddy Bear on the bed.  When the workers place the Teddy Bear anywhere but the bed and return the next day, the Bear is back on the bed. 


Private Residence

There was a private residence that was closed for renovation.  This house was closed for an extremely long time.  Talking to the maintenance personnel I discovered that there was no renovation occurring.  The house had been a place of much tragedy.  On 2 separate occasions, there was a murder suicide in the house killing all members of the family.  Renovation was stopped because no one was willing to do any renovation.   The main story connected to this house was that one day the crew was replacing the kitchen cabinets.  The old cabinets were removed and placed in another room to be scrapped. New cabinets were hung and the crew went home for the night.   When they returned the next day, the old cabinets were rehung and the new cabinets were thrown around the house.