EVP- Electronic Voice Phenomenon- anomalous voices or other sounds, often purported to be of paranormal origin, heard on electronic audio recordings but not by people at the location at the time of the recording. - Wikipedia.

Often people confuse Disembodied Voices with EVPs.  The difference is that you did not hear the EVP. 

Here are a few of the EVPs that we have collected.

Nevada Historical Society

702_0039- 2-45-03-- did she die of an illness -- cough

702_0039- nhs- 2-06-30 keeping evidence on them then no

702_0039-nhs- 30-37-- whispers

702_0039-nhs- 30-37-hear things

702_0039-NHS- 39-00- Paul

702_0039-nhs-1_43_44- eilleen

702_0039-nhs-2-47-10 paul heard with ears

702_0039-nhs-3-01-48 i just wanted you to

702_0039-nhs-crashes then cries

702_0039-nhs- 39-03-- library- paul