Cal-Neva Casino and Resort

The Cal-Neva Casino and Resort in Crystal Bay NV (North Shore, Lake Tahoe) is enamored in history, tradition and, of course ghost stories.  Everyone knows that Frank Sinatra once owned the Cal-Neva.  The likes of JFK, Marilyn Monroe, Sam Giancana and the Rat Pack frequented the Resort in its prime.   Other things people may not know is that the Cal-Neva was originally built in 1926 as a vacation home.  It became the first gambling establishment in the United States owned by Norman Blitz.  In 1937, the original structure was burned to the ground and rebuilt in an amazing 30 day period.  Some people believe that the ground that the Cal-Neva stands on may be sacred Washoe Indian burial grounds.  There are several stories of sightings of Native Americans and a photo was actually taken at the Cal-Neva.

 Our investigation began as an innocent trip to the North Shore to just get away.  We decided to have lunch at the Cal-Neva as we often did when we were in Crystal Bay.  While there, I noticed a sign promoting the tunnel tours on Friday and Saturday nights.  Two weeks later, we took a trip to Crystal Bay and took the tour.  During the tour, I noticed that the guide, Carl Buehler, was from Dayton, Ohio, where I relocated from 4 years ago so we began to talk.

 As the tour went on, Carl told us some of the ghost stories of the Cal-Neva.  We offered our help and the investigation began.  Having brought along a night vision video recorder and digital voice recorder, we immediately began collecting evidence.  As we visited Marilynís cabin, I took a photo from the outside.  An anomaly was seen on the photo which we dismissed as a reflection.  Other than that, nothing unusual happened.  That is until we reviewed the evidence.  We detected several Electronic Voice Phenomenon (EVPs) in both the tunnels and the Frank Sinatra Celebrity Showroom. 

 We contacted Carl and gave him the results and he invited us to a sťance that the employees were going to be holding.  The night started as most do.  We set up 5 IR cameras, a night vision Video Recorder and a digital voice recorder.  While Carl told us about some of the experiences that have happened in the showroom, we took Electromagnetic Frequency (EMF) base readings (0-.5) and thermal temperature readings (68-70).   After set up, the lights were shut off and the room emptied to allow the energy to settle. 

 As the group entered, there was a distinct change in the energy level of the room.  Checking the EMF gauge showed an increase in background EMF to 1.5.  The sťance went well with people feeling as if they were touched, distinctive cold spots (down to 60)  and several EMF spikes in correlation to direct questions.  About 45 minutes in, the group split up and investigated different areas of the showroom.  Again, we received several EMF spikes to direct questions.  At one point, a group went to the dressing rooms and discovered that a light had turned on in the bathroom.  The door was locked and could not be opened to turn the light on or off.  Another group went to the dressing room and the light was still on but the door was no longer locked.   After the investigation, we analyzed the photos that were taken.  To our amazement,  several light anomalies were captured that corresponded to some activity in the room.  Also detected was an apparition of  an elderly lady. Talking with all personnel present, no one knew who the figure was.  In this photo, two bright lights are also seen.  At first they were believed to be flashes or reflections.  However, these lights  only shined on this unknown apparition's face.  

 The group also investigated Room 101, the California room and Marilynís Cabin. 

 Room 101 was the room where the piano player, (Steve), lived and eventually died.  Steve has been seen and heard both near the room and in the Showroom where his piano still remains.  Many EMF spikes and a light anomaly were recorded that night in the area of the piano.  Room 101 had a very high EMF field emanating from the walls.  Many people are very sensitive to high electromagnetic fields.  High EMF readings can cause the feeling of being watched, paranoia and nausea. 

 Marilynís cabin, #3, has the best view of the lake at the resort.  The room is small but quaint and the view is incredible.  People have reported lights turning on and off, objects lifting and falling to the floor, noises, voices and an image in the mirror. 

 The California Room is a large meeting room on the Banquet level.  Many stories include a creepy feeling, feelings on being watched, noises, bangs etc.  Along the wall is several large electrical panels that produces a large EMF field that reaches about 6 feet into the room.  A strange light anomaly was captured in the room and a large 4-5 foot circular EMF field was detected in the middle of the room that seemingly had no origin. 

 Going back to the showroom, several more EVPs and EMF spikes were recorded.  The strangest event of the night came near the end.  The group had settled back around the table.  As one member approached the table she experienced a paralyzing feeling and tightness of her chest.  Immediately following that, one of the table legs folded and the table collapsed.  All people at the table claimed that they did not touch the leg.  An attempt to recreate the incident failed.  The table actually had to be turned on its side and the support bar struck hard several times to get the leg to fold. 

 Luckily there was a camera looking directly at the table with no one blocking the view.  I checked the DVR and all appeared to be working.  We started our breakdown and collected all the equipment.  As I came around a curtain, I saw what I thought was a dark figure moving across the stage.  I moved back and forth around the curtain and dismissed it as my eyes playing tricks as I went around the curtain.  Bringing the camera back to the case, Gary asked me if I had seen the figured that just moved across the stage.  I, of course had, but unfortunately, it was during breakdown and all the equipment had been turned off. 

 Overall, the experience at the Cal-Neva Resort was a wonderful one with personal experiences, EVPs, EMF spikes, light anomalies and an apparition that was photographed.  There is much Paranormal Activity at the Cal-Neva Resort and the team looks forward to investigating again whenever they will have us back.