Cal-Neva Casino and Resort

The second investigation at the Cal-Neva started well.  Throughout the night, there was very little activity.  There was noise in the kitchen most of the night.  It sounded like a crew cleaning the kitchen for the night.  Eventually, I decided to go into the kitchen to verify that there actually was someone in the kitchen.  I opened the door and entered the kitchen and found what I had expected.  There was a young man cleaning the area.  The next morning we eating breakfast and began talking the our server.  She told us that no one had been in the kitchen and that it had not been cleaned until the morning. We went into the kitchen and discovered that the crew was in there cleaning.  I described the worker and clothing and the staff told us that the uniform I saw was not worn at the Cal-Neva. 

One female member slept in Marilyn's cabin for part of the evening by herself to see if the male entity that has been reported there would come out.  Stories are told that a male figure haunts women when they are in the cabin by themselves.    I checked in around 3 am and the member was visibly shaken.  She had been having graphic nightmares about attacks that may have taken place in the room.  The dream was vivid to include clothes in the closet and furniture that was not in the room but were found in photos of the room after the investigation. 

Review of the evidence revealed a couple of EVP's in the showroom and distinctive sounds from the kitchen. Review of Marilyn's cabin video showed that there appeared to be a shadow hovering over the bed until I came in at 3 am.  The shadow disappeared and was not seen again.

A camera that was set up in room 101 showed no abnormalities and nothing was heard on the audio recorder.