The Bowers Mansion was built in 1863 by Lemuel "Sandy" Bowers and his wife, Eilley, and is the finest example of the homes built in Nevada by the new millionaires of the Comstock mining boom. Following the death of Sandy Bowers in 1868, Eilley fell on hard financial times and finally lost her precious home to foreclosure. The mansion was abandoned by the time Henry Riter acquired it and operated it as a resort until 1946.

The investigation took place on 12 October 2007.  It was a sort of open house.  We, along with the rangers, were expecting around 30-40 people.  200 people showed up.  Obviously the investigation was tainted by the amount of people present. We are hoping to schedule a private tour and investigation in 2008.    

We went up to the cemetery after all the people had went up to it.  No visual evidence could be obtained unfortunately.  However, the air was noticeably thicker in the cemetery and members of the group could feel a difference in energy. 

Waiting outside the house, we met with the Nevada Spirit Seekers who had been inside.  They stated that at one point, their batteries in the camera had been drained.  A few minutes later, the batteries were again fully charged.   While we were in the waiting area, one investigator was shoved physically by an unknown source.  Another investigator stood in the exact same location but was not shoved. 

Inside the Mansion, the guide mentioned that there was a face in the large mirror.  The video recorder was pointed at the mirror and we did not see it.  Watching the video later, and capturing several still photos, the face would appear in one frame but not the next. While the guide was giving a history of the house.  The video camera was scanning the next room.  During this scan, the camera started zooming in on a couch without any human action on the recorder. 

Overall the Mansion was very interesting and we plan on returning to it without the crowd.  Getting personal contact along with the photos and equipment manipulation with such a crowd was incredible and completely unexpected.