Nevada Paranormal Institute      

News Letter 1st Quarter 2010

Columbia CA, Jan 2010

The St Charles Saloon was built in 1851 with the current structure being finished in 1856.  It is located in the Columbia State Park, a well preserved and restored mining town.  

The park also contains two haunted hotels, The City Hotel and the Fallon Hotel. Last May, we visited on vacation and stayed at both hotels.  The stay was not planned and of course, we didn't bring any equipment.  Talking to the Hotel manager, we discovered that the Fallon has both a little boy who likes to play Jacks and Mr. Fallon himself.   We had the Fallon all to ourselves except for the night watchman who gladly stayed in his room all night. We bought some jacks and a ball and put the camcorder on it all night.  Unfortunately neither moved.  A sound was picked up that sound like someone hitting the ball trying to make it bounce but no movement was seen.  

The City Hotel is inhabited by a young woman who is seen primarily in room 1.  There was only one other couple in the hotel that night.  Again no activity was seen that night. The hotel itself was incredibly impressive and the breakfast was outstanding.  Expecting a continental breakfast, we were met with a full buffet type spread.   

So when we found out that the owners of the St Charles were friends of members of the group we just couldn't wait to get back.  Unfortunately the hotels have been closed awaiting a new ownership group to reopen them.  The saloon, however, was charming and well worth the trip.  The owners hospitality was incredible and the towns residence were excited for us to be there.  Everyone we met had a story of something that happened at the St Charles or somewhere else in the park.  The investigation started out with a battery disappearing, proceeded with the phone coming off the hook and concluded with a 2 figures being caught on tape as well as several audio pieces of evidence.  


Sierra Psychic Academy

Our friends at the Academy are up and running in a new location.  They are now offering a line of psychic classes that include Meditation Tools, Healing I and a Clairvoyance program that is a year long. 

They also offer

READINGS Aura, Spirit guide, Past Life and Others



SETTING ENERGY Personal and Business


They can be contacted at 775-849-3864 or


Nevada Ghost Town Adventures

Offers guided tours to Ghost Towns throughout Nevada.


Upcoming Investigation

Mar 27th, Underground Theater